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Steph Scott:


Steph Scott is a Speech and Language Therapist, Scuba Diving Instructor and author. Born and bred in Shrewsbury, Shropshire she spent most of her childhood on her head, up trees and singing show tunes. She studied to become a Speech and Language Therapist in London where she went on to work with children, helping them to overcome their difficulties with speech, language and communication. 


After 8 fabulous years of living in London Steph decided to head off to discover the rest of the world. In Thailand she became a Scuba Diving Instructor and went on to work for several years in South East Asia, Central America and the Caribbean. She has trekked through the Himalayas, dined with Amazonian monkeys, sailed the Niger to Timbuktu and harvested rice with the Zay people of Vietnam. Nature, anthropology and marine ecology are among her greatest passions. She met her husband in Thailand, married him in India and they returned to the UK in 2009. Steph likes to run, cycle, swim, garden and watch clouds amongst other things. She still likes to stand on her head, climb trees and sing show tunes although she can not do them all at the same time.


In 2013 it took no time at all for Steph, a dedicated writer, to join Katie with her most wonderful idea for a children’s activity book. Both passionate trekkers, campers, outdoors enthusiasts and who both work with children this was clearly a lethal combination. So with two 3 year olds and two babies in tow, they set out on their journey. There has

been far too little sleep but they are both overjoyed with the outcome.  


Katie Akers:


Katie Akers is a Teacher, Forest School practitioner, co-author and illustrator. She has worked with children for over 20 years. In 2010 she completed the Forest School Leadership qualification. She was able to witness first hand how much children enjoy being outdoors and how it can benefit them in all areas of development. This has been the inspiration for much of what she has done since.


She left teaching to have her two children. During this period she developed a successful Forest School business. Through this business she saw how much parents enjoyed taking part in outdoor activities with their children but that some were not confident in the great outdoors.


It was this issue that sparked the idea for ‘Let’s Go Outside’. How can it be made easier for busy parents to get outside with their children? In collaboration with Steph Scott, they created Let’s Go Outside and The Out Pack. It involved playing with leaves, sticks and mud, but mostly having fun doing the things they love……….writing, drawing, inventing and playing. The leaf aeroplane still eludes them!

© 2015 Let's Go Outside, The Outpack. Imaginative outdoor games and projects for kids. Activity book for children aged 3-7 years.

Written and illustrated by Steph Scott and Kate Akers. Published by Batsford. Website by NewBold Horizons.