Make a troll house with The Out Pack

The Outpack release their brand new book, Let’s Go Outside, this August 24th! To celebrate Steph, Katie & their kids will share some outdoor ideas featured in the book with us each month. This month, they show us how to make a Troll house and garden!

How many billy goats gruff go trip trapping over your bridge? Too many?! Bring out the grumpy little troll in yourself and learn some outdoor skills with this fun, imaginative and wonderfully trolly activity…

There were a few other ideas thrown into the mix before Izzy and Ben decided on a troll house. There was the possibility of a gnome hotel and a fairy gym, both inspired by some gnarly tree roots sticking out of the mossy ground.

We eventually ended up at our favourite stream and mud pit that has a tiny trip trap bridge. Just the sort of trip trap bridge that any grumpy troll would like to live next to, just in case there are goats that need gobbling.

Down the stoney path, past the leafy bushes and through the arching oak trees there’s a happy stream giggling along. It flows gently under a tiny little bridge, and it is just here that a grumpy little troll lives.

His house is made of stone, his door and window are made of the finest sticks and he has a sycamore leaf roof which is covered with luscious moss. Izzy and Ben helped him to build it… And we’re all thankful that he didn’t gobble them up!

What you will need:

From nature…

  • Stones

  • Leaves

  • Moss

  • Small sticks for the troll’s front door and for his window about a grown up’s finger length – 5 for the door and 5 for the window.

From home…

  • String

  • A wooden bead for the troll’s door handle

  • Scissors

  • Masking tape

We found it useful to find some small sticks near home and make the door and window before we went for our walk. If you have lots of friends who’ve also made doors and windows, you’ll be able to make a gnome hotel or a perhaps a leprechaun museum!

To make the door:

1. Cut a piece of string of about two arms.

2. Tie a knot on to the end of one of your sticks.

3. Take all of your door sticks and line them up next to each other.

4. Weave your string under and over each of the sticks in turn, fastening the sticks together.

5. Tighten the string in between the sticks by winding the tail end of the string around each of the three joints.

6. Repeat instructions 2-5 at the other end of the door.

7. Once you’ve done all this, give yourself a pat on the back because you’ve just learnt how to lash. Lashing is a very useful skill for creating in the outdoors. Keep a look out, we’ll give you plenty more ideas so you can keep up your lashing skills.

8. Take your wooden bead and thread it on to a small length of string. Attach this to one of the sticks so that it is just where the troll’s door handle should be.

9. Tie a knot to secure and your done!

To make the window:

1. Take three sticks and make a triangle shape or take just one bendy stick and make a circle shaped window.

2. Fix them with tape.

3. Take two sticks and snap them into exactly the right length to fit into the window frame.

4. Lodge them into place.

5. Hook your window onto a stone, a stick or a small branch for your troll to keep a look out for goats.

Always take away with you anything that you bring into nature. We have a rhyme to help you to remember:

“If it’s from nature it can stay… if it’s not then take it away.”

Does yours include acorn fittings and a dew drop shower?! Here are some of our homes so far.

Because surely fairies and elves like a trip to the playground too!

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