Let's Go Outside with Sir Branchalot and Lady Twig!

Hot off the press from the bestselling book ‘Let’s Go Outside’, comes one of our all time favourites… SIR BRANCHALOT AND LADY TWIG!

You can make Lady Twig or Sir Branchalot with as little or as many Out Pack essentials as you like. Simply with string will do, or some wire for the arms, tape for fashion accessories, beads for a headdress.

Here are some ideas to get you going…

At the beginning of the year we’re getting strangely nostalgic! Here is one of our favourite creations since we started making stuff out of sticks and leaves two and a half years ago. It’s a great activity for practising skills like lashing and whittling sticks. Then you can let your creative juices flow and dress them up in whatever nature fashion you can get your hands on, an acorn helmet, a leaf tutu… go wild!

Izzy and Ben aged 3 (they are now 6!) busily creating their Stick Friends or at least Izzy is… it was all about the climbing for Ben

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