Spring into action with a Catkin Chick

We couldn’t resist using the Spring catkins to make this cute baby chick. It is really easy and only requires a few bits and bobs. Finding the fluffiest catkins is a perfect excuse for a Spring walk.

What you will need:

From nature…..

  • Pinecone

  • A handful of catkins (or you could use thistle down, grasses or any other fluffy natural material)

  • Beech nut

From The Out Pack…

  • 2 wooden beads

  • Scissors

  • Masking tape

  • Garden wire

How to make your Catkin Chick…………..

1. Use 2 parts of a beech nut to make a beak and secure with masking tape. Push the beak into the pinecone.

2. Thread a bead onto a forearms length of garden wire. Secure the bead with a pinch and twist. Repeat with the other bead.

3. Fix the chicks eyes (beads) around the top of the pinecone and secure with a pinch and twist.

4. Finally push the catkins into the gaps in the pinecone. You should have a lovely fluffy catkin chick.

Maybe you could make him a nest too………..


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