Stick Man

We thought we should put a little description of how to make the classic Julia Donaldson, Stick Man. I should point out that we actually used green wood for our stick men as I had recently pruned my apple tree, however it should work just as well with foraged sticks.

You will need:

From nature..........

  • 1 thick stick, hand length (body)

  • 2 shorter sticks (leg)

  • 1 thin stick, hand length (arms)

From The Out Pack...........

  • pens

  • scissors

  • 1 rubber band

  • string

How to make your stick man.

1. Ask a grown up to scrape away a section of bark to make a face on the body stick. This can be done using the blade of the scissors. The nobbles on sticks make great noses! You can also leave the bark curls attached to make hair. Draw eyes and a mouth onto the stick.

Alternatively you can leave the bark on and draw a face onto masking tape.

2. Lash the arm stick to the body stick and tie a knot to secure.

3. Finally attach the 2 leg sticks to the body stick using the rubber band.

And don't forget........Stick Man, oh Stick Man beware of the girl!

Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler, The Stick Man


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