Camping Fun With Balls Of Grass

Now and again Steph and I get asked to take our nature fun to local events. This weekend it was to join our friends at Cotswold Outdoor at The County Show in Shropshire. We had great fun making some of the camping games from our Let's Go Outside book. As usual on my return my daughter Izzy was desperate to try everything out...........again! Luckily our camping trip gave us the perfect excuse to make grass balls. She made about six in the end and particularly enjoyed decorating each one differently. I even improved my juggling skills with them! We thought this simple Nature Make would be good to share........

You will need:

From nature..........

  • 2 handfuls of grass or leaves

From The Out Pack......

  • masking tape

  • scissors

  • pens

How to make your grass ball

1. Wrap the handfuls of grass in masking tape. Repeat until the grass is covered and you have a ball shape.

2. Use the pens to decorate your ball.

You can make as many balls as you like. For game ideas check out our book Let's Go Outside. Oh, and you can find out how to make a stick bat to go with your ball.

Perfect for camping fun!

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