The other bit you

need in order to make

the magic happen!


The Out Pack is your child’s own special backpack containing all the bits and pieces required to complete our activities, in addition to a few items that they can easily forage from nature. Your child’s Out Pack is any bag that is comfy for them to wear and can hold everything they need.


Together you could make a dragonfly and spend an afternoon flying around a forest. You could create a grass ball and spend hours playing games from wobble catch to croquet. You could sit and learn some valuable woodland skills using our videos. As long as you know a stick from a stone and a pine cone from a leaf, you’re ready for some adventures. 


What's in The Out Pack?


All the items in The Out Pack are easy to find and cheap to buy. You may already have some of them at home. Be sure to keep it well stocked so you don’t run out of any essentials while you’re out and about. This is what we keep in our Out Packs…


  1. The book!

  2. Coloured pens

  3. Masking tape – You won’t need anything thicker than 12mm wide

  4. Wool – You can get two balls of different colours or a multi-coloured ball or just a ball of your favourite colour

  5. Plastic coated garden wire – you can buy it in a reel with a safe cutter from anywhere that sells garden supplies.

  6. Elastic bands – flat elastic bands of many colours are useful

  7. Paper clips

  8. Ball of string

  9. Wooden beads - big and small, bumpy and smooth

  10. Child-friendly scissors – they must be able to cut string


A small note:

If it's made from nature it can stay. If it's from The Out Pack take it away!


Let’s Go Outside and The Out Pack are intended for interactive adventures outdoors. Children will need your help and supervision with many parts of the creative process. We recommend that when The Out Pack is open, there is an adult nearby to lend a hand. Also, we’d just like to mention (although we know that you know!) that when your child’s Out Pack is at home and not being played with, it is best placed in a high spot out of their reach. There are items in there that children need a helping hand with and we’re sure that you’d rather not wind that ball of string up again and again and again!


And that’s all you will need to make any of our activities.


Coat, Boots, Out Pack and LET’S GO OUTSIDE!

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